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The iconic mixing bowl

Wonder how many glorious golden brown pancakes originated in the Margrethe? This multi functional mixing bowl is an absolute classic that hasn’t lost a bit of its charm in all those years. There is a suitable size for every kind of use, from whipping a small amount of cream to go on top of some beautiful fresh strawberries, to making a large amount of dough for a loaf of bread for the entire family.

Rosti productrange

Rosti baking utilities

Baking a cake will be more fun with the baking utilities from Rosti. Whether your in the kitchen alone or together with friends or family, enjoy more with the help of Rosti!

Rosti productrange

Optima in the kitchen

Kitchen tools make life just that little bit little easier. So you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your food. 

Find joy in the ordinary

In a busy life you really should make time. For each other. To laugh together and eat together. The kitchen is where we meet to share dreams and stories, a warm, safe place where an intimate atmosphere is created.

Preparing food together is the best way to bond with family and friends. And Rosti is also clearly present, in all its modesty.

Rosti stands for taking it easy. For good food, enjoying each other’s company and all that has been prepared with love. For warmth and affection, simply being together. 

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Margrethe: a timeless icon

The Margrethe bowl has become an award-winning Danish design icon that has been depicted on stamps and which also has a place in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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Our colour scheme

The Rosti colour scheme has been selected with great care and precision. We have created two basic schemes: Classic and Nordic. The colours within these basic schemes do not only harmonize elegantly, they also work great when the different schemes are mixed together.

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Rosti’s world

The warmth of the kitchen is where we feel at our best. With Margrethe as our centrepiece we offer a well balanced range of products to create great food together.

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